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Every Day Counts
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EDC-3 Innovations: Efficiency through technology and collaboration.
The EDC initiative is designed to identify and deploy innovation aimed at reducing the time it takes to deliver highway projects, enhance safety, and protect the environment.

Every Day Counts (EDC) is designed to focus on a finite set of initiatives. Teams from the Federal Highway Administration will work with state, local, and industry partners to deploy the initiatives and will develop performance measures to gauge their success.

What exactly is this thing called "Every Day Counts," and just how successful is it? Take a look at what others are saying about this innovative approach to getting new ideas into use in the highway community.

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EDC-3 Innovations (2015-2016)

The latest group of innovations to be promoted through the Every Day Counts initiative was announced to the public on August 28, 2014. These innovations continue the goal of shortening project delivery, enhancing roadway safety, reducing congestion, and improving environmental sustainability. This round of EDC carries the theme of "efficiency through technology and collaboration" as many of the technologies are aimed at improving collaboration among stakeholders to bring efficiencies to the development and delivery of roadway projects.

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EDC-2 Innovations (2013-2014)

In the end of 2012, sponsorship of the EDC-1 innovations by the Every Day Counts initiative came to a close, and a new set of innovations, EDC-2, was selected for deployment. All of them provide ways of improving the work of highway planning, design, construction and operation.

In the March/April issue of Public Roads, this overview of the EDC initiative included a review of the activities of the EDC-2 effort. Read the review.

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EDC-1 Innovations (2011-2012)

The first group of innovations, or EDC-1, was identified in 2010. These innovations were promoted through Every Day Counts during 2011 and 2012.

Read the article on the EDC-1 effort from the November/December 2013 issue of Public Roads magazine.

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Road Diets
In the Fast Lane, Secretary Foxx discussed a diet that can do more than improve your life; it can save your life. The Road Diet is a proven safety countermeasure and EDC-3 innovation. Read about the Virginia Department of Transportation's success with Road Diets and download the new Road Diet Informational Guide.

An article in a Detroit business journal notes that Michigan DOT saved 7.4 million sheets of paper and $1 million by using e-Construction methods. Learn more.

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