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Quick Facts

Accelerating Project Delivery Methods Quick Facts

  • Accelerated Project Delivery Methods can reduce the overall project delivery time by years.
  • Design-Build (DB) and Construction Manager-General Contractor (CM/GC) are types of accelerated project delivery methods that have been successfully used by State DOTs across the United States.
  • By combining the design and construction phases into a single contract, DB offers considerable time savings over the traditional process of Design-Bid-Build (DBB), in which these steps are done sequentially.
  • DB contracts are usually awarded on either a low bid or best-value basis.
  • DB usually involves fewer change orders and claims.
  • Design-builders can propose innovative methods that result in positive impacts such as reduced environmental impacts.
  • With CM/GC, State DOTs have greater control over price, schedule, and scope in comparison with DB.
  • During the CM/GC design process, the construction manager must provide price, schedule, and constructability input, analyses, and recommendations.
  • CM/GC offers more accurate price information, since real-time pricing is inherent to the method compared with traditional owner developed estimating processes.
  • More accurate and stable price information creates better budgeting and financing opportunities, allowing State DOTs to improve their transportation planning process.
  • CM/GC identifies risks earlier than DBB and assigns those risks to the parties most able to manage, mitigate, and/ or control the risks.
  • DB is an approved project delivery method. FHWA's policy in 23 CFR Part 636 provides the authority to use DB.
  • CM/GC is an experimental project delivery method. States must apply for SEP-14 approval.
  • If implemented properly, accelerated project delivery does not negatively impact project quality.


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