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Federal-aid Program Administration

LPA Field Contacts

The federal-aid program is a federally funded state administered program. As such the recipients of all federal-aid funds from the various statutory funding categories are allocated to the 50 states, DC and our territories (ie. Puerto Rico, etc.). LPAs are the sub-recipients of federal funds from these STA entities. FHWA does not allocate funds directly to LPAs. Therefore, the most important contact for LPAs on federally funded project matters is those entities. The link below is a table containing contact information for these STA entities:

Many STAs have pertinent information about their LPA programs on their respective public websites. The link below provides access to this information:

Also FHWA has field offices in all the 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico. Our field offices also in turn have designated LPA Coordinators that can assist with questions pertaining to the federal-aid highway program.


Bob Wright
Office of Program Administration
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Updated: 04/07/2011

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