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Data Integration

Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
The Colorado Experience

Executive Summary

Since 2000, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) has undertaken several important initiatives designed to improve transportation planning, decisionmaking, and resource allocation. Today, CDOT recognizes that data integration plays a critical role in improving business processes and managing assets. Thanks to institutional policy changes and forward-thinking information technology planning, the department is successfully integrating data to support Asset Management.

CDOT approached the issue of data integration to support Asset Management from both the policy and information technology perspectives. On a policy level, CDOT has been reorganizing its business planning processes since the early 1990s by defining investment categories and associated performance measures. CDOT also officially recognized Asset Management as a critical function within the department by appointing an Asset Management Task Force.

These institutional actions set the stage for connecting departmental goals with business planning to ensure efficient allocation of resources. At the same time, the Information Technology branch of CDOT has been working to better serve this business approach by providing more efficient information transfer across asset and program areas.

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Updated: 10/23/2013