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Data Integration

Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
The Colorado Experience

What Has CDOT Learned?

A major obstacle to change at CDOT was the reasoning, "We have always done it this way." But, over time, the department has developed a more visionary leadership and a culture more open to change. Many lessons have been learned from data integration and Asset Management efforts:

  • An agency's governance structure should be assessed before change is initiated.
  • "One-size" improvements do not address all problems-tailored applications are often needed.
  • A task force that represents various data owners helps to build consensus and acceptance of the importance of data-supported decisions.
  • The investment category analysis approach helps staff to step back and see the whole picture.
  • Upper management support is critical.
  • Acceptance by mid-level management and employees is vital to success.
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Updated: 10/23/2013