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Data Integration

Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
The Colorado Experience

What's Next?

CDOT's Asset Management and data integration initiatives will continue to evolve as decision-support needs change and as new technology and approaches become available. Meanwhile, CDOT is working toward its goals:

  • Short-term: CDOT has tied high-level goals and objectives to employees' daily work by establishing key program objectives at the chief engineer's level. The regions, which report to the chief engineer, are held accountable for meeting these objectives through their performance reviews. In 2004, integrating the Chief Engineer's Objectives with the performance measures program at all levels will ensure that key objectives are met.
  • Long-term: The enterprise data system will continue to grow as more data systems are converted. Eventually it will support the 5-year programming and 20-year planning cycles.
  • Long-term: CDOT will continue to communicate its accomplishments in the areas of performance measures and Asset Management to the legislature and elected officials. As external communication increases, data integration becomes even more critical to providing reliable information to transportation stakeholders.

Aerial view of I-70 in Glenwood Canyon, east of Glenwood Springs

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Updated: 10/23/2013