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RealCost User Manual

The Basics


System Requirements

RealCost is designed to run in Microsoft Excel 2000 and is not supported by versions earlier than Excel 2000. In addition, up-to-date service packs for Windows and Office 2000 (or Excel 2000) are essential to run the software.

Current Microsoft service packs are required to run RealCost successfully. Check your computer online at or by running Windows Update on the Start Menu.

Following are the recommended minimum system requirements for using RealCost:

  • Excel 2000 with current service pack loaded
  • Windows 98 (or higher) with current service pack loaded
  • Printer (RealCost requires a printer driver in order to function properly)
  • 350 MHz Pentium processor
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 100 MB HD available
Installing RealCost

To install RealCost, run the file, "Setup.exe." It is recommended that you allow the installation program to install the software to its preselected location. Setup.exe contains an Excel 2000 workbook file named "RealCost.xls" and several dynamic link library (DLL) files. A DLL is a collection of small programs that can be called upon when needed by the LCCA worksheet. The DLL provides instructions to the LCCA worksheet to carry out particular functions.

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Updated: 01/22/2014