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Office of Infrastructure Staff Listing

Office of Infrastructure (HIF-1)
Name Title Telephone Location
Walter 'Butch' Waidelich, Jr. Associate Administrator 202-366-0371 E75-312
Sonquela Seabron Program Assistant 202-366-0371 E75-105
Ken Jacoby SHRP 2 Renewal Coordinator 202-366-1747 E73-315
Raj Ailaney Program Coordinator (Acting) 202-366-6749 E76-328
Mary Cole Admin. Program Coordinator 202-366-1551 E76-327
Sharon Smith-Clark Program Analyst 202-366-1553 E75-101
Laura Lawndy Program Analyst 202-366-0102 E76-104
Richard Weingroff Technical Writer 202-366-4856 E76-334
Domingo Gascon* ITS CRS 202-366-4036 E73-478
DeWhythe McPherson** Pathway Intern 202-366-0494 E75-103
Office of Program Administration (HIPA-1)
Name Title Telephone Location
Tom Everett Director 202-366-5530 E73-310
Shirley Howard Program Assistant 202-366-1324 E73-430
Federal-Aid Programs Team (HIPA-10)
Peter Kleskovic Team Leader 202-366-1564 E73-304
David Bartz NHS/STP, General Federal-Aid 512-536-5906 TX Div. Off.
Claretta Duren ADHS Programs 202-366-4636 E73-406
Joe Taylor TEA-21/HHP-Demo Projects 410-779-7146 MD Div. Off.
Greg Wolf Emergency Relief Programs 202-366-4655 E73-418
Preconstruction Team (HIPA-20)
Robert Mooney Team Leader 202-366-2221 E73-303
Elizabeth Hilton Geometric Design Engineer 512-536-5970 TX Div. Off.
Ken Leuderalbert Utilities and Value Engineering Program 317-226-5351 IN Div. Off.
Michael Matzke Geometric Design 202-366-4658 E73-443
John McAvoy Acting Consultant Services Program Manager 360-619-7591 OR Div. Off.
Amanda Rutherford SHRP2 202-366-1332 E73-445
Contract Administration Team (HIPA-30)
Jerry Yakowenko Team Leader 202-366-1562 E73-311
Jennifer Balis Contract Issues/Curriculum 202-493-7302 E73-431
John Huyer Contractor Claims, provisions-clauses 651-291-6111 MN Div. Off.
Edwin Okonkwo Buy America/Metrication 202-366-1558 E73-435
Julie Trunk DBD/Labor Compliance 202-366-4639 E73-437
Stewardship and Oversight Team (HIPA-40)
Firas Ibrahim Team Leader 202-366-1564 E73-340
Matt Lupes** E73-447
Sheila Masters Stewardship and Oversight Engineer 202-366-1557 E73-477
Bob Wright Local Programs Administration Engineer 202-366-4630 E73-412
Office of Bridges and Structures (HIBS-1)
Name Title Telephone Location
Joey Hartmann Director 202-366-4589 E75-318
Raj Ailaney Principal Bridge Engineer 202-366-6749 E75-314
Linda Baker Program Support Assistant 202-366-4851 E73-313
Steve Ernst Safety and Security/Bridge-Tunnels 202-366-4619 E75-336
David Lehmann Program Support 202-366-4588 E75-108
Phil Yen Principal Bridge Engineer 202-366-5604 E75-107
Structural Engineering Team (HIBS-10)
Brian Kozy Team Leader 202-493-0341 E75-320
Vacant Structural Engineer E75-113
Bill Bergeson Senior Tunnel Engineer 202-366-4847 E76-109
Lubin Gao Engineer/Codes-Specifications 202-366-4604 E75-115
Reggie Holt Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-4596 E75-109
Hydraulics and Geotechnical Engineering Team (HIBS-20)
Joe Krolak Team Leader 202-366-4611 E75-322
Brian Beucler Hydraulics Engineer 202-366-4598 E75-119
Michelle Cribbs Highway Engineer 202-366-8792 E75-327
Dave Henderson Sr. Hydraulic Engineer, Scour 202-493-0520 E73-451
Minnie Long Transportation Specialist 202-366-8791 E75-121
Khalid Mohamed Geotechnical Engineer 202-366-0886 E73-123
Silas Nichols Geotechnical Engineer 202-366-1554 E75-328
Structures Safety, Preservation, and Management Team (HIBS-30)
Shay Burrows Team Leader 202-366-4675 E75-324
Anwar Ahmad Senior Bridge Preservation Engineer 202-366-8501 E75-117
Doug Blades Inspection/ Program Support 202-366-4622 E75-130
Barry Brecto Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 360-753-9556 WA Div. Off.
Derek Constable Bridge Management Engineer 202-366-4606 E73-125
Tom Drda Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 919-747-7011 NC Div. Off.
Fernando Luna Structural Engineer 202-366-4621 E75-123
Everett Matias Senior Bridge Engineer 202-366-6712 E75-124
Jon Nekritz Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 708-283-3535 IL RC
Ann Shemaka Transportation Specialist 202-366-1575 E75-127
John Thiel Senior Bridge Safety Engineer 202-366-8795 E75-128
Office of Asset Management, Pavements, and Construction (HIAP)
Name Title Telephone Location
Lubin Quinones Director (Acting) 202-366-6377 E75-340
Brenda Pressley Staff Assistant 202-366-0392 E75-335
Pavement Design and Analysis Team (HIAP-10)
Suneel Vanikar Team Leader 202-366-0120 E73-302
Gina Ahlstrom Concrete Pavement Engineer 202-366-4612 E73-469
Gary Crawford Concrete Pavement Engineer 202-366-1286 E73-438
Jim Grove* 515-294-5988 IA Div. Off.
Jagan Gudimettla* Asphalt Engineer 202-366-1335 E73-105C
Tom Yu Pavement Programs Engineer 202-366-1198 E73-444
Materials and Quality Assurance Team (HIAP-20)
John Bukowski Team Leader 202-366-1287 E75-332
Matthew Corrigan Asphalt Pavement Engineer 202-366-1549 E73-465
Mary Echeverria* 202-366-0484 E73-105E
Lee Gallivan Asphalt Pavement Engineer 317-226-7493 IN Div. Off.
Chuck Paugh* Senior Project Manager 202-366-6640 E73-457
Mike Rafalowski Pavement Materials Engineer 202-366-1571 E73-448
Sam Tyson Concrete Pavement Engineer 202-366-1326 E73-440
Jeff Withee Pavement Design Engineer 202-366-6429 E73-461
Habtamu Zelelew* 202-366-6606 E73-105D
Construction Management Team (HIAP-30)
Bryan Cawley Team Leader 202-366-1333 E75-334
Romeo Garcia Bridge/Tunnel Construction 651-291-6125 MN Div Off.
Jason Harrington Asphalt Pavement Engineer 202-366-1576 E73-471
Donna Harris* Administrative Team Support 202-366-7172 E73-429
Antonio Nieves Construction Engineer 202-366-4597 E73-446
Chris Schneider Construction and System Preservation Engineer 202-493-0551 E73-474
Asset Management Team (HIAP-40)
Stephen Gaj Team Leader 202-366-1336 E75-330
Nastaran Saadatmand Asset Management Program Manager 202-366-1337 E73-462
Tom Van Pavement Management Engineer 202-366-1341 E73-458
Office of Transportation Performance Management (HIPM-1)
Name Title Telephone Location
Peter Stephanos Director 202-366-1324 E73-306
Alberta Dean Program Assistant 202-366-0327 E73-455
Mike Moravec Senior Highway Engineer 202-366-3982 E73-463
Mark Swanlund Technical Programs Manager 202-366-1323 E73-301
TPM Programs Team (HIPM-10)
Francine Shaw-Whitson Team Leader 202-366-8028 E76-338
Chris Chang Highway Engineer 202-366-4657 E73-472
Tashia Clemons Life Cycle Cost Analysis Program Manager 202-366-1569 E73-113
Nathaniel Coley Economist 202-366-2171 E73-470
Alexis Kuklenski OK Div. Off.
Thomas Mathews** Pathway Intern 202-366-9076 E73-105B
Institutional Capacity Development Team (HIPM-20)
Susanna Hughes-Reck Team Leader 202-366-1548 E75-333
Bill Bolles Marketing Specialist 202-366-8027 E73-456
David Painter** 404-562-3658 GA Div. Off.
Melanie Rigney 202-366-4601 E73-414
Jon Schans Stewardship/Oversight/Risk Management 202-366-9071 E73-436
Assessment, Evaluation, and Reporting Team (HIPM-30)
Connie Yew Team Leader 202-366-1078 E73-312
Vicki Miller Transportation Specialist 202-366-2173 E73-466
Michael Nesbitt Stewardship/Oversight/Risk Management 202-366-1179 E73-432

* Contractor
** Intern/Rotational
*** Developmental Assignment
**** Shared Resource

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