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Missouri Division

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Staff Directory

Main Office Phone: 573-636-7104

Contact Name Title Email Phone
Kevin Ward Division Administrator kevin.ward@dot.gov 573-638-2600
Edgardo Cordero Assistant Division Administrator ed.cordero@dot.gov 573-638-2606
Scott Bowles Program Management Team Leader scott.bowles@dot.gov 573-638-2610
Raegan Ball Program Development Team Leader raegan.ball@dot.gov 573-638-2620
Greg Budd Program Implementation Team Leader gregory.budd@dot.gov 573-638-2621
Ken Foster Bridge Engineer ken.foster@dot.gov 573-638-2613
Brad McMahon Transportation Specialist bradley.mcmahon@dot.gov 573-638-2609
Sandy Moeller Financial Manager sandra.moeller@dot.gov 573-638-2623
Lauren Paulwell Civil Rights Specialist lauren.d.paulwell@dot.gov 573-638-2635
Michael Latuszek Community Planner michael.latuszek@dot.gov 573-638-2619
Marc Thornsberry Safety and Mobility Engineer marc.thornsberry@dot.gov 573-638-2616
Brian Nevins Transportation Engineer brian.nevins@dot.gov 573-638-2624
Kevin Irving Transportation Engineer (Kansas City/NW Region) kevin.irving@dot.gov 573-638-2612
Felix Gonzalez Transportation Engineer (NE/St Louis Regions) felix.r.gonzalez@dot.gov 573-638-2622
Roopa Banerjee Environmental Specialist roopa.banerjee@dot.gov 573-638-2615
Mike McGee Transportation Engineer (Central/SE/SW Regions) mike.mcgee@dot.gov 573-638-2608
Dawn Perkins Realty Specialist dawn.perkins@dot.gov 573-638-2626
Scott Holder Federal Information Technology Specialist (HQ ADL) scott.holder@dot.gov 573-638-2602
Ashley Scheulen Program Analyst (Quality) ashley.scheulen@dot.gov 573-638-2614
Stan Woronick Financial Specialist stan.woronick@dot.gov 573-638-2604
Darlene Savage Program Assistant darlene.savage@dot.gov 573-638-2603
Nancy Raley Administrative Assistant nancy.raley@dot.gov 573-638-2604
Thor Steffen PDP Trainee thor.steffen@dot.gov 573-638-2625
Pete Clogston National Major Project Oversight Manager (HQ ADL) peter.clogston@dot.gov 573-638-2607

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