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Montana Division

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Duties by Name

Montana Division
Federal Highway Administration

585 Shepard Way, Suite 2
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 441-3900
Fax: (406) 449-5314

Duty POC
Access Control Allen/Hasselbach
Administration Management Broadwater
Americans w/disabilities (ADA) Seliskar (Prgm)/Allen (Design)
Asset Management Rue/Hasselbach
Authorizations for: PE/Constr. Project Operations engineers/Riley
Authorizations for: ROW, Utilities Operations engineers/Hasselbach
Authorizations for: SPR (state planning/research) Hasselbach
Bicycle Allen
Borders Hasselbach
Bridge Sielbach
Briefings Rue
Buy America Kaufman
Claims Riley
Construction Liaison Riley
Consultant Procedures/Admin. Rue/Allen
Contract Administration Riley
Contractor Liaison (MCA) Riley
Copier and Fax Maintenance Franks-Ongoy
TAP / Local Agency Guidelines Woodmansey
DBE, Labor Compliance Seliskar
Defense Access Roads Patten
Delegation of Authority McLaury
Design - Policy/Geometric Allen/Rue
Design Standards Allen
Design-projects and Exceptions Operations engineers/Allen
Detailed Drawings Allen
Direct Federal Bid Opening Operations engineers
Division Documents Security Coordinator Franks-Ongoy
Division Office Budget (GOE/IT) Franks-Ongoy
EEO, Title VI, OJT/SS Seliskar
Emergency Preparedness Allen
Emergency Relief Coordinator Riley
Encroachment Policy Coordinator Hasselbach
Environment - General Hasselbach
Environment - Project Operations engineers/Hasselbach
Experimental Projects Seliskar
Federal Lands Access Program Rue/Hasselbach
Federal Lands Transfer Hasselbach
Federal Women's Representative Whitten
Filing Systems Franks-Ongoy
Financial Management Broadwater
Financial Reporting Systems (FMIS/DELPHI) Broadwater/Whitten
FIRE Broadwater
FMIS/UPACS Administrator Broadwater/Seliskar
Freedom of Information (FOIA) Franks-Ongoy
Freight Rue
Geotechnical Sielbach
Highway Capacity Allen
Highway Reauthorization McLaury
Highway Statistics Hasselbach
Hydraulics and Hydrology Sielbach
Interchange Additions Allen/Rue
Interstate Access Allen/Rue
ITS Allen/Rue
Junkyards Hasselbach
Legislative Issues Coordinator McLaury
Livability Rue
Local Agency Program Manager Woodmansey
LTAP Seliskar
LTPP Kaufman
Mail Franks-Ongoy
Maintenance Woodmansey
Materials Coordinator Kaufman
Motor Fuel Data Hasselbach
Tribal Coordinator (TERO, PSA, BIA Projects) McLaury
NHI Coordinator Franks-Ongoy
NHTSA Coordinator Allen
Noise Rue/Hasselbach
OSHA Safety Riley/Operations Engineers
Outdoor Advertising Hasselbach
Pavement Markings Allen
Pavements Kaufman
PDP Coordinator Rue
PDP Recruiter Rue
Pedestrian Program and Policy Allen
Permanent Change of Station Franks-Ongoy
Personnel Franks-Ongoy
Planning (Statewide/Urban) Hasselbach/Rue
Procurement Franks-Ongoy
Professional Assoc. Liaison (ITE, ASCE, MACO, etc.) Rue
Programming (STIP Review) Hasselbach
Project Agreements Whitten/Broadwater
Property Management Franks-Ongoy
Public Involvement Hasselbach
QC/QA Kaufman
Quarterly Inactive Projects/Reports Whitten/Broadwater
Railroad Agreements Allen/Hasselbach
Recreational Trails Programs Woodmansey
Reimbursement Program Broadwater/Whitten
Relinquishments-Disposal-ROW Hasselbach
Research Seliskar
Rest Areas Allen
Right-of-way Hasselbach
Risk Assessment Seliskar
Roadside Hardwares Allen
Road Weather Management Rue
Safety-Office Franks-Ongoy
Safety-Transportation Allen
Signal Systems & Operations Allen
SIP - Air Quality Hasselbach/Rue
Site Manager Operation Engineers
Specifications Applebee
State Internal EEO/AAP Seliskar
Stewardship and Unit Plan Seliskar
Strategic Planning McLaury
Technology Transfer Coordinator Seliskar
TIGER Awards Riley
TIGER NOFA & Applications Rue
Time and Attendance Franks-Ongoy
Traffic Incident Management Allen
Traffic Operations Allen
Training - Local and Central Franks-Ongoy
Transportation Commission McLaury
Transportation Improvement Plans Rue
Travel Orders/GOV Trip Franks-Ongoy
Utilities Hasselbach
Value Engineering Allen
Vehicle Maintenance Franks-Ongoy
Vehicle Size and Weight Patten
Weigh-In-Motion(WIM) Patten
Western Human Resource Committee Hasselbach
Wetland Hasselbach
Work zone Traffic control Allen

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