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Montana Division

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Duties by Name

Montana Division
Federal Highway Administration

585 Shepard Way, Suite 2
Helena, MT 59601
Phone: (406) 441-3900
Fax: (406) 449-5314

Duty POC
Access Control Allen/Hasselbach
Administration Management Broadwater
Americans w/disabilities (ADA) Seliskar (Prgm)/Allen (Design)
Asset Management Rue/Hasselbach
Authorizations for: PE/Constr. Project Operations engineers/Riley
Authorizations for: ROW, Utilities Operations engineers/Hasselbach
Authorizations for: SPR (state planning/research) Hasselbach
Bicycle Allen
Borders Hasselbach
Bridge Sielbach
Briefings Rue
Buy America Kaufman
Claims Riley
Construction Liaison Riley
Consultant Procedures/Admin. Rue/Allen
Contract Administration Riley
Contractor Liaison (MCA) Riley
Copier and Fax Maintenance Whitten
TAP / Local Agency Guidelines Woodmansey
DBE, Labor Compliance Seliskar
Defense Access Roads Patten
Delegation of Authority McLaury
Design - Policy/Geometric Allen/Rue
Design Standards Allen
Design-projects and Exceptions Operations engineers/Allen
Detailed Drawings Allen
Direct Federal Bid Opening Operations engineers
Division Documents Security Coordinator Whitten
Division Office Budget (GOE/IT) Whitten
EEO, Title VI, OJT/SS Seliskar
Emergency Preparedness Allen
Emergency Relief Coordinator Riley
Encroachment Policy Coordinator Hasselbach
Environment - General Hasselbach
Environment - Project Operations engineers/Hasselbach
Experimental Projects Seliskar
Federal Lands Access Program Rue/Hasselbach
Federal Lands Transfer Hasselbach
Federal Women's Representative Whitten
Filing Systems Whitten
Financial Management Broadwater
Financial Reporting Systems (FMIS/DELPHI) Broadwater/Franks-Ongoy
FIRE Broadwater
FMIS/UPACS Administrator Broadwater/Seliskar
Freedom of Information (FOIA) Franks-Ongoy
Freight Rue
Geotechnical Sielbach
Highway Capacity Allen
Highway Reauthorization McLaury
Highway Statistics Hasselbach
Hydraulics and Hydrology Sielbach
Interchange Additions Allen/Rue
Interstate Access Allen/Rue
ITS Allen/Rue
Junkyards Hasselbach
Legislative Issues Coordinator McLaury
Livability Rue
Local Agency Program Manager Woodmansey
LTAP Seliskar
LTPP Kaufman
Mail Whitten
Maintenance Woodmansey
Materials Coordinator Kaufman
Motor Fuel Data Hasselbach
Tribal Coordinator (TERO, PSA, BIA Projects) McLaury
NHI Coordinator Whitten
NHTSA Coordinator Allen
Noise Rue/Hasselbach
OSHA Safety Riley/Operations Engineers
Outdoor Advertising Hasselbach
Pavement Markings Allen
Pavements Kaufman
PDP Coordinator Rue
PDP Recruiter Rue
Pedestrian Program and Policy Allen
Permanent Change of Station Whitten
Personnel Whitten
Planning (Statewide/Urban) Hasselbach/Rue
Procurement Whitten
Professional Assoc. Liaison (ITE, ASCE, MACO, etc.) Rue
Programming (STIP Review) Hasselbach
Project Agreements Franks-Ongoy/Broadwater
Property Management Whitten
Public Involvement Hasselbach
QC/QA Kaufman
Quarterly Inactive Projects/Reports Franks-Ongoy/Broadwater
Railroad Agreements Allen/Hasselbach
Recreational Trails Programs Woodmansey
Reimbursement Program Broadwater/Franks-Ongoy
Relinquishments-Disposal-ROW Hasselbach
Research Seliskar
Rest Areas Allen
Right-of-way Hasselbach
Risk Assessment Seliskar
Roadside Hardwares Allen
Road Weather Management Rue
Safety-Office Franks-Ongoy
Safety-Transportation Allen
Signal Systems & Operations Allen
SIP - Air Quality Hasselbach/Rue
Site Manager Operation Engineers
Specifications Applebee
State Internal EEO/AAP Seliskar
Stewardship and Unit Plan Seliskar
Strategic Planning McLaury
Technology Transfer Coordinator Seliskar
TIGER Awards Riley
TIGER NOFA & Applications Rue
Time and Attendance Whitten
Traffic Incident Management Allen
Traffic Operations Allen
Training - Local and Central Whitten
Transportation Commission McLaury
Transportation Improvement Plans Rue
Travel Orders/GOV Trip Whitten
Utilities Hasselbach
Value Engineering Allen
Vehicle Maintenance Whitten
Vehicle Size and Weight Patten
Weigh-In-Motion(WIM) Patten
Western Human Resource Committee Hasselbach
Wetland Hasselbach
Work zone Traffic control Allen

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