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New Mexico Division

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Staff Directory

Division Administrator

Don Martinez Division Administrator johndon.martinez@dot.gov 505-820-2022
Marcus Wilner Assistant Division Administrator marcus.wilner@dot.gov 505-820-2023
Sonja C. Wilson Administratration (OA) sonja.wilson@dot.gov 505-820-2050
Martha Solorzano Program Mgt. Analyst martha.solorzano@dot.gov 602-382-8962

Field Operations

Frank Lozano Transportation Operations Engineer frank.lozano@dot.gov 505-820-2031
Robert Bency Field Operations Engineer (D5, D6) robert.bency@dot.gov 505-820-2034
Jolena Palau Field Operations Engineer (D3) jolena.palau@dot.gov 505-820-2039
Marilyn Valdez Field Ops Engineer (D4)/ITS Engineer marilyn.valdez@dot.gov 505-820-2038
Max Valerio Field Operations Engineer (D1, D2) max.valerio@dot.gov 505-820-2035
Thiet (Ted) Nguyen Structures Engineer thiet.nguyen@dot.gov 505-820-2025

Planning and Program Development

Rodolfo Monge-Oviedo Planning/Program Development rodolfo.monge-oviedo@dot.gov 505-820-2037
Luis Melgoza Safety/Pavement Engineer luis.melgoza@dot.gov 505-820-2028
Greg Heitmann Environmental/Realty Specialist greg.heitmann@dot.gov 505-820-2027
Layne Patton ROW Officer layne.patton@dot.gov 602-382-8974
Lisa Neie Civil Rights Program Manager lisa.neie@dot.gov 505-820-2036
Kim Sanchez Transportation Finance Manager kim.sanchez@dot.gov 505-820-2030
Monica Gourd Transportation Finance Specialist monica.gourd@dot.gov 505-820-2024

Contract Computer staff

Glynn Falgout Computer Specialist glynn.falgout@dot.gov 512-536-5918


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