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Expert Task Group on Asphalt Mixtures & Construction; Asphalt Binders; and Models Technology Statement of Purpose, Membership, Organization, and Reports


The Expert Task Group (ETG) on Superpave Mixtures and Aggregates Technology is organized to advise the TRB Superpave Committee on matters relating to the research and implementation of Superpave mixture technology. The ETG meets two - three times per year.

Specific areas of activity include:

  • providing technical advice to the Committee on mixture and aggregate issues;
  • technical comment of the FHWA Superpave mixture and aggregate related activities;
  • identification of potential improvements to mixture and aggregate specifications and standard test methods;
  • identification of needed standards; and
  • government / industry discussion of emerging issues.


The members of the Expert Task Group on Asphalt Mixtures & Construction; Asphalt Binders; and Models Technology are appointed by the Executive Director following the approval of the Chairman of the Subcommittee for NRC Oversight. The members are selected for their technical expertise in mixture and aggregate technology within a framework of professional and geographic diversity. The initial roster will include five engineers employed by state or provincial highway agencies, five representatives from the private sector of the highway industry, and two academics. All members will be requested to comply with conflict of interest and bias disclosure procedures of the National Research Council.

One third of the of the members will be appointed to a 1 -year term, one third to a 2-year term, and the final third to a 3-year term. It is expected that the ETG complete its work in four years.


ETG activities will be conducted under the leadership of a chairman appointed by the Executive Director with the concurrence of the Chairman of the Subcommittee for NRC Oversight. When the ETG chairman is temporarily unable to fulfill his role, the vice chairman shall act on his behalf.


The ETG is expected to meet twice per year, or as needed in the collective judgment of the membership and the TRB Superpave Committee. Meetings will be open to the public and agendas will be posted on the TRB web site.

Independent experts may be invited to attend meeting to participate in the review or discussion of specific research or implementation technology issues. The role of these independent experts will be to provide specialized expertise related to specific projects as a supplement to that of the ETG. Participation of members of the public in ETG discussions is at the discretion of the ETG Chairman.

Mix ETG Meeting

Tuesday, September 26 / 8:00AM - 5:00PM
Wednesday, September 27 / 8:00AM - 12:00

Binder ETG Meeting

Wednesday, September 27 / 1:00PM - 5:00PM
Thursday, September 28 / 8:00AM - 4:00PM

The meeting will take place at the following hotel:

Hyatt Regency Crystal City
At Washington National Airport (Crystal City Metro Stop)
2799 Jefferson Davis Highway
Arlington, VA 22202
Lincoln/Roosevelt Conference Room

Closed Meeting Sessions

As needed, the appointed members of the ETG shall meet in closed session to deliberate on specific recommendations that will be forwarded to the TRB Superpave Committee.


Documentation to be reviewed by the ETG, or serving as a background for the material to be presented at a meeting of the ETG, will be distributed by mail both prior to and between meetings. The official comments, advice and findings of the ETG will be communicated in writing to the Chairman of the TRB Superpave Committee for action or concurrence and possible transmission to AASHTO and the FHWA.

Updated: 04/07/2011

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