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High Performance Concrete Pavements Project Summary

Chapter 2. CALIFORNIA 1 (I-10, EL MONTE)


Caltrans has undertaken this project to evaluate the feasibility of using precast, post-tensioned concrete pavement for rapid replacement of a deteriorated roadway.

Study Objectives

The objectives of the project are to demonstrate the constructibility and cost effectiveness of precast, post-tensioned concrete pavements under high-volume, urban freeway conditions.

Project Design and Layout

The project includes the replacement of a 248-ft section of I-10 in Los Angeles County. A total of 31 precast concrete pavement segments were fabricated in accordance with the "Texas" design as described by Merritt, McCullough, and Burns (2003). Replacement panels were precast in segments 2.4 m (8 ft) long, 11.3 m (37 ft) wide, and 254 mm (10 in.) thick. The panels contain formed keyways along the edges normal to the direction of travel. Three types of precast panels are fabricated: base panels, joint panels, and central stressing panels. The nominal pavement thickness is 254 mm (10 in.) with a grade reversal at the outside shoulder with increased thickness at the crown. In the construction process, the panels are placed and then post tensioned in the direction of travel using stressing pockets in the slabs at the mid length of each section.

State Monitoring Activities

Under contract with FHWA, a research agency is monitoring the performance of the project for a minimum of 1 year. If funding allows, cracking smoothness and spalling evaluations will also be conducted at years 3 and 5. Other evaluation items will include expansion joint condition and vertical slab movements.

Preliminary Results/Findings

This experimental project was completed in April 2004. Precasting of the 31 panels began in December 2003 and was completed in early January 2004. The panels were then stored until the construction crew was ready for installation. The panels were placed in 2 nights followed by 4 days of post-tensioning and grouting. Currently a construction video is available from FHWA and a construction report will be completed within the next year.

Points of Contact

Kirsten Stahl
Pavement Engineer
Caltrans District 7
100 S Main Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 897-0470

Jason Dietz
FHWA California Division Office
980 9th Street, Suite #400
Sacramento, CA 95814-2724
(916) 498-5886


Merritt, D. K., B. F. McCullough, and N. H. Burns. 2003. "Precast Prestressed Concrete Pavement Pilot Project Near Georgetown, Texas." Transportation Research Record 1823. Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC.

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