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Development and Implementation of a Performance-Related Specification for I-65 Tennessee: Final Report

Chapter 2. Overview of the Tennessee I-65 Project

This project is located in Nashville, Tennessee, and is a section of suburban freeway reconstruction of I-65 from Old Hickory Boulevard at LM 91.55 to CSX Railroad at LM 95.03. The overall project is 3.487 mi (5.612 km) long and consists of five lanes in each direction. Data from only two lanes in each direction are included. The design of the pavement is as follows:

  • JPCP.
  • 13-in. (330 mm) slab (design thickness).
  • 15-ft (4.6 m) transverse joint spacing.
  • 1.625-in. (41.28 mm) dowel bars spaced at 12-in. (304.8 mm) at transverse joints.
  • 4-in. (101.6 mm) permeable asphalt base course and drainage layer.
  • 4-in. (101.6 mm) granular separation layer.
  • Tied concrete shoulders.

To begin the development process, the project team collected and reviewed much information about the TDOT’s existing specifications, design criteria, construction sampling and testing techniques, pavement performance measures, and typical maintenance and rehabilitation (M&R) strategies and costs. This information, along with data specific to the I-65 project and feedback from TDOT staff, was used to create the framework for the specifications and provide the necessary inputs to the PaveSpec 3.0 program.(1,2,3,4) The PRS development process, including the data gathering and analysis, started in 2003 and was completed in April 2004. The process included meetings with TDOT staff and several teleconferences and e-mail exchanges. Several TDOT staff members provided previous concrete pavement project data and feedback pertaining to these specifications. Details of the PRS development are provided in chapter 3.

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