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Advanced Concrete Pavement Technology (ACPT) Program-ACPT Products Marketing Plan


Based on the critical need for specific products and the status of product availability and product development, and as identified in the ACPT Product Status Report, the following ACPT products and product areas are considered to have high priority for immediate delivery to stakeholders:

Advanced Designs
FA1-1 - Mechanistic-Empirical Concrete Pavement Design
FA1-2 - Concrete Overlays Design
FA1-4 - Advanced Concepts for Joint Design

Improved Construction Materials
FA2-1 - Optimizing Use of Recycled Materials
FA2-2 - Advanced High-Performance Materials
FA2-4 - Concrete Durability

Improved Construction Processes
FA3-1 - Improved Processes for Construction Process Control and Acceptance Testing
FA3-3 - Improving Concrete Pavement Performance and Sustainability Through Two-Lift Construction

Rapid Repair and Rehabilitation
FA4-2 - Rapid Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of High-Volume Facilities
FA4-3 - Precast Panels for Repair
FA4-4 - Precast Panels for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation
FA4-6 - Construction Traffic Management

Sustainable Concrete Pavements
FA5-1 - Sustainable Pavement Designs
FA5-2 - Sustainable Use of Construction Materials
FA5-3 - Sustainable Construction Practices
FA5-4 - Sustainable Repair and Rehabilitation Processes
FA5-5 - Catalog of Sustainable Concrete Pavement Practices
FA5-6 - Environmental Life Cycle Analysis Tools

Enhanced User Satisfaction
FA6-1 - Innovative Pavement Surface Texturing for Safety and Noise Reduction
FA6-2 - Techniques to Improve Pavement Ride

It is expected that FHWA will authorize the development of the implementation packages for each high-priority ACPT product on a task order basis. The task orders are also expected to include the delivery methods and specific activities for each ACPT product.

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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