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CPTP Status Report - Task 65 Engineering ETG Review Copy

Chapter 3 - Specific Program-wide CPTP Activities


A number of key program-wide initiatives have been implemented within the CPTP. These initiatives include Task 15, which is developing a long-range research and development plan for advancing concrete pavement related technologies, and Task 65, which is supporting the technology transfer, marketing and communications activities for the overall CPTP. The following sections present details on these two initiatives.

Long-Range CPTP Research and Development Plan

A significant effort under CPTP is the development of a long-range research and development plan under CPTP Task 15. This important project is laying the foundation for future endeavors to improve concrete pavement technologies that will result in safer, smoother, quieter, and long-lasting concrete pavements. The long-term research plan is the product of extensive input from stakeholder representatives from Federal, State, and local agencies; contractors, suppliers, and consultants; professional associations; and academia, particularly those conducting applied research. At several regional workshops held during 2003, these stakeholders helped define the future research and development needs for paving concrete and concrete pavement technology and identified desirable characteristics of future concrete pavements.

The researchers have identified the following ten major technology tracts for future research:

  1. Applied Mechanistic Design Procedures.
  2. Performance Driven Mix Design Procedures.
  3. Equipment Advancements.
  4. Rapid Non-Destructive Quality Control Systems (ICS).
  5. Functional Pavement Requirements.
  6. Non-Conventional, Non-slip formed Pavements.
  7. Advanced Joint Design Program.
  8. Performance (In-service) Measurements.
  9. Accelerated Concrete Pavement Testing.
  10. Environmental Advancements.

The research plan includes details on specific studies to be pursued under each tract. The research plan will be released during early 2004.

CPTP Technology Transfer, Marketing, and Communications Plan

Under CPTP Task 65, an FHWA contractor is providing the engineering and marketing support services that are needed for the timely and cost-effective technology transfer, deployment, and delivery of products resulting from research and development projects in the CPTP.

The engineering support includes the following activities:

  • Workshops, seminars, and conferences.
  • Field Trials, demonstration projects, and open houses.
  • Reports, tech briefs, and brochures.
  • User-friendly software.
  • Testing standards and guidelines.
  • Dedicated web site for CPTP.

The hands-on workshops and field demonstration projects are expected to be important technology transfer activities. It is also expected that several testing standards and guidelines will result from the various CPTP projects - all aimed at improving the practice of design, construction, material selection, testing, repair and rehabilitation.

Maintaining a visible presence in the pavement community is vital to the CPTP, and this will be executed in a variety of ways under Task 65. The development of a comprehensive one-stop website will spearhead the effort, but other activities such as a newsletter, product alerts, and product CDs will also be employed.

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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