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FHWA Materials Notebook

Latest update: July 1998

Table of Contents

  1. Materials Sampling and Testing
    1. 23 CFR 637
    2. Analysis of Noncomplying Material (excerpt from T 5080.11)
    3. State Specifications on Electronic Format
    4. Quality Assurance Stewardship Review Guidelines
  2. Soils
  3. Aggregates
  4. Bituminous Mixtures
    1. Asphalt Mix Design and Field Control
      • February 16, 1988 Memorandum
    2. Asphalt Concrete Mix Design and Field Control
      • March 10, 1988 Technical Advisory
      • Model Check List for Asphalt Plant
      • Project Inspection Checklist
    3. Open Graded Friction Courses December 26, 1990
      • Technical Advisory T 5040.31
      • Open Graded Friction Course
      • FHWA Mix Design Procedure
    4. Hot and Cold Recycling of Asphalt Pavements
      • October 6, 1981 FHWA Notice 4-53
    5. Superpave
      • Superior Performing Asphalt Pavements
      • (Superpave)-TDT March 5, 1996 Memorandum
      • Superpave Binder Selection
      • July 3, 1996 Memorandum
      • Superpave Binder Testing
      • November 13, 1996 Memorandum
      • Superpave Models Update
      • November 13, 1996 Memorandum
    6. The Nuclear Asphalt Content Gauge for Measuring Asphalt Content in Mixes
    7. List Of Appropriate Bituminous Mixture Tests 4-68
  5. Portland Cement Concrete
  6. Stabilization
  7. Miscellaneous Materials


This notebook is intended to be working tool that provides a readily available compilation of current FHWA policy and guidance on materials. Users are encouraged to add information as they see fit.

The notebook is arranged in chapters and sections by subject. Each chapter is generally composed of:

  1. related directives and regulations;
  2. issuances providing guidance such as technical advisories, notices, etc.;
  3. FHWA memorandums clarifying policy or providing technical guidance;
  4. other technical information or guidance;
  5. a list of pertinent references; and
  6. a list of frequently used standard specifications and tests.

Areas of responsibility of the Materials Group include:

  • Materials Properties
  • Sampling and Testing Programs
  • Specifications
  • Recycled Materials
  • Joint AASHTO/FHWA/Industry Training Committee
  • AASHTO/AGC/ARBTA Subcommittee on New Highway Materials
  • AASHTO Subcommittee on Materials National Transportation Product Evaluation Program

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