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LTPP Guide to Asphalt Temperature Prediction and Correction

General Interest: provides practical guidance to engineers responsible for the day-to-day design, construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, and management of pavements.

Primary Topic: Flexible Pavement

Description: The use of Falling Weight Deflectometers (FWDs) to provide input to pavement structural designs and rehabilitations has become common, and is expected to increase with the upcoming release of M-E Pavement Design Guide. Because the deflection response of asphalt layers in a pavement structure to loads is strongly influenced by temperature, methods to calculate representative pavement temperatures and temperature correction factors are critical. This guide presents such methods developed using LTPP data. The formal report by FHWA upon which this guide is based is FHWA-RD-98-085.

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Publication Year: 2002

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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