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TechBrief: Selecting Candidate Structures for Lithium Treatment: What To Provide the Petrographer Along With Concrete Specimens

Research/Reference: useful for researchers doing further work in the pavement area as well as those developing improved testing and design procedures. Includes documents of historical value.

Primary Topic: Pavement Rehabilitation

Description: The process of selecting candidate structures (and appropriate components of structures) for lithium treatment invariably involves sampling one or several components of the structures for laboratory investigations, particularly petrographic examination, and expansion tests (expansion tests optional). This sampling is done to (1) confirm whether alkali-silica reactivity (ASR) is an important part of the deterioration process, (2) determine the extent of the deterioration and, (3) if required, determine how much more expansion/deterioration is to be expected. Figures 1 and 2 show the types of cracking that can be a visual indication of a candidate for lithium treatment.

FHWA Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-06-069

Publication Year: 2006

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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