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Highway Quality Compendium

General Interest: provides practical guidance to engineers responsible for the day-to-day design, construction, rehabilitation, maintenance, and management of pavements.

Primary Topic: Pavement Issues

Description: The articles in this compendium reflect the broad range of quality characteristics that add up to a successful highway construction program and satisfied customers, providing a snapshot of where we are today and where we are headed in the future. Whether it be new technologies, innovative work techniques, well-trained and motivated employees, or accelerated construction schedules that ease driver inconvenience, these quality practices are making a difference in many areas across the country. As this compendium illustrates, they are also moving us forward as we seek to meet and exceed our customers' expectations, obtain the best system performance for the dollar amounts invested, and sustain the public trust.

FHWA Publication Number: FHWA-IF-07-012

Publication Year: 2007

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Updated: 02/20/2015

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