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Partnerships for Sustainability: A New Approach to Highway Material
A Report on the Houston Workshop

VII. Conclusion

The business of using recycled materials to foster sustainable development in the transportation industry requires an orchestration of professions and organizational entities. Often, the solution is described as partnerships, but the solution must venture much deeper than cultivating casual relationships and one-time meetings. Even the types of partnerships recommended in this workshop are subject to a wide variety of conditions. The private sector must partner with the public sector. The transportation agencies must partner with the environmental agencies. Each of these partners has their own sets of needs and criteria for measurement and evaluation. Sometimes this results in competing objectives. Shared terms, standards, tests, and innovative technologies must be created. Channels of communication and broadcasting must be enhanced and established.

All the participants of this workshop intersect at a shared goal - ultimately to cultivate the use of recycled materials in transportation. The participants took the first step in taking inventory of what the needs are of the decision-makers and stakeholders in this industry. The next step is for senior leadership in the key organizations identified in the report to assemble, define their overall goals and strategies, and identify the partnering structures they will support for the future.

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