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FHWA Recycling Policy

FHWA Recycled Materials Policy

FHWA recognize the need to increase our highway industry's overall use of recycled materials. There are several reasons to be pro-recycle:

  • Cost savings potential
  • life cycle cost and engineering performance
  • Reduction in landfill
  • Stewardship of our environment

FHWA's Recycling Policy has several key points:

  • Recycling can offer engineering, economic and environmental benefits.
  • Recycled materials should get first consideration in overall materials selection.
  • Engineering and environmental properties are important.
  • Life Cycle Cost benefits assessment is warranted.
  • Restrictions prohibiting recycled material that are without technical basis should be removed.

The complete FHWA Recycled Materials Policy is available

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Updated: 05/01/2015

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