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David Winter Director
Mary Brown Executive Assistant (202) 366-0175

Recovery Act and Highway Finance Division

Chris Allen Division Leader (202) 366-4104
Ronald Vaughn Recovery Act Database
System and Data Integration
(202) 366-9248
Clarissa Smith State Highway Finance (202) 366-5045
Michael Slattery Local Finance (202) 366-9213
Tychelle Staten Program Analyst/Finance (202) 366-4062
Monique Snow Intern (202) 366-0281
Paolo Angulo Contractor, ARRA (202) 366-8030
Chris Lehner  Contractor, ARRA (202) 366-9010

Motor Fuel and Driver License, and Vehicle Registration Division

Ralph Davis Chief (202) 366-9235
Bryant Gross Motor Fuel / Attribution (202) 366-5026
Vacant Vehicles / Drivers  
Dawn Edwards Driver Licensing (202) 366-4048
Michael Dougherty Fuel Tax Evasion / Attribution (202) 366-9234

Highway System Performance Division
(Mileage, VMT, Pavement Condition)

Tianjia Tang (Acting) Chief (202) 366-2236
Robert Rozycki HPMS Data Reviews / Requests (202) 366-5059
Ron Erickson Certified Mileage / Data Integration (202) 366-5033
Tom Roff HPMS / GIS / software (202) 366-5035
Joseph Hausman HPMS Reviews / Data Quality (202) 366-5047
Justin Clarke HPMS / Data Analysis (202) 366-9245
Ronald Vaughn HPMS Training Coordinator (202) 366-9248

Travel Monitoring and Travel Surveys
(Traffic Volume, Truck Weight, NHTS)

Tianjia Tang Chief (202) 366-2236
Brad Gudzinas Data Analyst and Research Manager –
   Data and Policy
(202) 366-5024
Daniel Jenkins Compliance Manager – Traffic Monitoring,
   TVT and Regulation
(202) 366-1067
Steven Jessberger Traffic Monitoring Program Manager –
   Field Operations, Guidance and
   System Development
(202) 366-5052
David Jones WIM Program Manager – VTRIS and
   Truck Weight
(202) 366-5053
Adella Santos NHTS Program Manager – Survey
   Method and NHTS
(202) 366-5021
Patrick Zhang Data Analyst and Research Manager –
Data and Policy
(202) 366-1941


Chart: Director, American Recovery and Reinvest Act, Highway Funding and Motor Fuel, Highway System Performance and Travel Mointoring and Surveys Link to American Recovery and Reinvestment Act Link to Highway Funding and Motor Fuel Link to Highway System Performance Link to Travel Monitoring and Surveys

Division Activities

Recovery Act and Highway Finance Division

This division oversees the collection of Recovery Act Project Data on a montly and quarterly basis from State and other recipients. This division facilitates the quarterly reporting of Recovery Act information by State and other Recipients to In addition staff collects data from the State Department of Transportations, on state highway finance and local finance data, which is reported annually in the Highway Statistics.

Motor Fuel and Driver License Division

The division works with State Departments of Transportation, in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of data including: motor fuel use, and driver licensing within the States. The motor fuel data is used in the attribution of funds back to the States from the Highway Trust Fund, on an annual basis.

Highway System Performance Division

The division administers the Highway Performance Monitoring System (HPMS) data system, and coordinates with the States on the reporting of mileage and performance data of the nation's highway system to FHWA. The data is another factor used in the attribution of funds from the Highway Trust Fund on an annual basis.

Travel Monitoring and Travel Surveys

The division administers the national traffic monitoring program, the national truck weight monitoring program, and the national travel behavior assessment program. The division also takes on the responsibility of conducting researches on strategic challenging areas including but not limited to future travel demand, energy consumption, congestion and revenue.