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November 2003Publication Number: FHWA-RD-04-020

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Articles in this Issue

National Center for Pavement Preservation Opens in Michigan

A new era for pavement preservation in the United States began on October 17, when the National Center for Pavement Preservation (NCPP) was dedicated at Michigan State University (MSU) in Okemos, Michigan. “The National Center for Pavement Preservation is a first and the only one in the world,” said Bill Ballou, president of the Foundation for Pavement Preservation (FP2). “Over the coming years, this center will have the opportunity to reach each transportation owner agency with technical support for pavement preservation programs.”

Moving Ahead with Context Sensitive Solutions in South Carolina

For the South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT), the use of context sensitive solutions (CSS) is changing the way highway projects are developed and built. With CSS, the goals of ensuring safety and mobility when designing and constructing a road or bridge are enhanced by the aim to preserve environmental, community, scenic, and historic resources. Vital to the CSS approach is early and continuing stakeholder involvement and understanding of the existing landscape, neighboring communities, and the area’s valued resources prior to designing the project.

Going Beyond Theory at the Fifth National Conferences on Asset Management

Moving from Theory to Practice” was the theme of the Fifth National Conferences on Asset Management, which were held in Atlanta, Georgia, from September 29–30, 2003, and in Seattle, Washington, from October 21–22, 2003. The conferences each drew more than 130 participants, with attendees representing a broad spectrum of Federal, State, and local governments; universities; industry; and other private organizations.

LTPP Program Introduces New Distress Identification Manual

The fourth version of the Distress Identification Manual for the Long-Term Pavement Performance Program (Publication No. FHWA-RD-03-031) is now available, providing expert guidance on identifying and describing cracks, potholes, rutting, spalling, and other pavement distresses.

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