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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-01-164
Date: March 2002

Figure II-18

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Figure II-18: Flowchart. Flowchart for assessing the condition of the concrete aggregates. This flowchart is to be used by laboratory analysts when assessing the aggregates after performing various tests by answering the following questions and following the indicated steps.

1.) Are coarse aggregates cracked?

2.) Do the cracks extend into the paste?

3.) Do freeze-thaw climatic conditions exist?

4.) Are the cracks filled?

5.) Are the fine aggregates cracked?

6.) Do the cracks extend into the paste?

7.) Are the cracks filled?

8.) Are reaction rims visible?

9.) Is there secondary infilling of voids and/or cracks?

10.) Are the aggregates softening?

11.) Is the aggregate susceptible to ACR?

For additional information about aggregate freeze-thaw, see Table C-3. For information about alkali-silica reactions, see Table C-6, for alkali-carbonate reactions Table C-7, and for infilling material Table C-3.


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