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Publication Number:  FHWA-HRT-14-032    Date:  February 2014
Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-14-032
Date: February 2014


FHWA LTBP Bridge Performance Primer

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As of April 2014, this online document was modified in the following way:

An editorial correction was made to this report after the report was originally published. The following table shows the modification that was made to this report.

Location Correction
Page 3, Footnote 2, Final sentence Change word from “…maintains or improves the function condition…” to “…maintains or improves the functional condition…”



FHWA Publications No.: FHWA-HRT-14-032

FHWA Contact: Susan Lane, HRDI-60, 202-493-3151, susan.lane@dot.gov


This document is a technical summary of the published Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) report FHWA-HRT-13-051, LTBP Bridge Performance Primer, which is available at http://www.fhwa.dot.gov/research/tfhrc/programs/infrastructure/structures/ltbp/pubs.cfm.


This TechBrief defines bridge performance and discusses the importance of measuring performance and current practices for doing so. It identifies key issues to improving performance measures and the role the Long-Term Bridge Performance (LTBP) Program plays in this effort.


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