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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-10-037
Date: October 2010

Step Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar Characterization and Federal Evaluation Tests

Appendix D: Data Import Procedures

The following section shows example data import procedures for SF GPR emissions characterization data.

ASCII data files are all named using the convention "TRACE###" where "###" is a three-digit number indicating the test number associated with the file. Antenna gain curves and cable loss factors are provided with the data files.

Microsoft Excel® Procedure

  1. Go to the Data menu.

  2. Import External Data.

  3. Import Data.

  4. Select Tab Delimited Data.

  5. Press "Next."

  6. Press "Finish."

MatLab Procedure

%---reading header info--------- fileID=fopen('G:\FAATestReportWork\FAANTIAtest2009\Trace381.csv','r'); for i = 1 : 15 header{i}=fgetl(fileID); end [junk,temp0]=strtok(header{11},','); Npoints=str2num(temp0); fclose(fileID); DataOffset=16; %---Example Data File----------- fileID=fopen('G:\FAATestReportWork\FAANTIAtest2009\Trace418.csv','r'); for i = 1: Npoints+DataOffset-1 traceA{i}=fgetl(fileID); end fclose(fileID); for m= DataOffset : Npoints+DataOffset-1 [junk,temp1]=strtok(traceA{m},','); freq(m)=str2num(junk); %13 RXpwr(m)=str2num(temp1(1:end)); end freqBiconic=freq(DataOffset:end); RXpwrBiconic=RXpwr(DataOffset:end);

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