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Publication Number: FHWA-RD-98-133
Date: October 1998

Accident Models for Two-Lane Rural Roads: Segment and Intersections

Appendix 1 - Statistics on the Minnesota Populations
Percentage of Accidents versus Accident and Vehicle Variables for Three-legged and Four-legged Intersections and Segments

(Minnesota two-lane rural roads, 1985-1989)


949 three-legged intersections and 1,440 accidents

1,156 four-legged intersections and 2,028 accidents

3,308 segments and 8,083 accidents




*3,308 segments with 8,083 non-intersection accidents were studied, but the constraint that shoulder type remain the same from left to right and throughout the time period 1985-1989 reduces these to 3,203 segments. Of these two had no shoulders, yielding the numbers shown above.


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