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Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-06-125
Date: November 2006

Pedestrian and Bicyclist Intersection Safety Indices

Final Report

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The following table describes the 17 conflicts observed during the bicycle study.

No. Site Conflicting Party Conflict Description
1 101 Vehicle Bicyclist crosses in crosswalk and brakes for right-turning vehicle. Vehicle stops.
2 106 Vehicle Person in parked vehicle opens door just as bike comes by, causing bicyclist to swerve and brake suddenly, almost losing control of bicycle.
3 118 Vehicle Occupant of parked vehicle opens door just as bike comes by, causing bicyclist to swerve and brake suddenly.
4 122 Pedestrian Pedestrian crosses street midblock between heavy traffic, does not see oncoming bike that has to stop suddenly, almost losing control.
5 124 Vehicle Bicyclist on crosswalk swerves to avoid right-turning vehicle. Vehicle brakes hard.
6 124 Vehicle Bicyclist swerves to avoid stopped vehicle; another vehicle from behind attempts to pass but has to brake because bicyclist is passing in front of them.
7 126 Vehicle Bicyclist crosses street in front of oncoming vehicle, forcing the motorist to stop. Bicyclist has trouble pedaling and lingers in middle of street.
8 140 Vehicle Bicyclist crosses intersection on red signal causing oncoming motorist to brake. Bicyclist swerves to avoid collision.
9 143 Vehicle Bicyclist swerves left to avoid stopped vehicle ahead. Bicyclist swerves in front of vehicle in adjacent lane, causing motorist to brake suddenly.
10 144 Pedestrian Bicyclist enters intersection on red signal and almost hits pedestrian crossing street.
11 209 Vehicle Motorist turns right in front of bicyclist in adjacent bike lane, causing bicyclist to brake hard and swerve suddenly.
12 209 Vehicle Bicyclist does not stop for red signal but instead swerves back and forth in bike lane and adjacent lanes, not watching for vehicles in adjacent lanes. Motorist in right-turn lane has to brake suddenly to avoid swerving bike.
13 315 Vehicle Motorist in through lane cuts to right to get into right-turn lane, in front of adjacent bicyclist, causing bicyclist to brake hard and swerve.
14 402 Vehicle Bicyclist crosses in front of oncoming vehicle, causing motorist to brake suddenly. Driver blows horn, bicyclist increases speed and proceeds across.
15 412 Vehicle Bicyclist in bike lane makes left turn in near crosswalk, goes halfway across, then stops for traffic making left turn from cross street. Bicyclist eventually does U-turn.
16 424 Vehicle Bicyclist enters intersection as signal changes from yellow to red. Vehicle on side street starts through on green but has to stop for bicyclist. Bicyclist also brakes.
17 425 Vehicle Motorist makes left turn in front of oncoming bicyclist in bike lane at unsignalized intersection. Bicyclist has to brake suddenly and stop. Motorist also brakes, then proceeds slowly.


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