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Surface Transportation Efficiency Analysis Model (STEAM)User Manual

List of Exhibits

2.1     Overview of STEAM 2.0

2.2     Consumer Surplus

2.3     STEAM 2.0 Speed Models

3.1     Typical Market Sector

3.2     Layout of the Network Files

3.3     Zone Information File Layout

3.4     District Definition File Layout

3.5     Layout of Other Changes Files

3.6     Layout of Trip Table Files

3.7     Spreadsheet-Ready Market Sector Report File

3.8     Database-Compatible Market Report File Outputs

3.9     Database-Compatible Market Report File

3.10     Spreadsheet-Ready District Output File

3.11     Database-Compatible District Report File Output Parameters

3.12     Sample of the Format of the .dkd File

3.13     Sample .ipx/.bsx File Format

4.1     Install Screen for STEAM 2.0 Setup

4.2     STEAM 2.0 Program Screen

4.3     STEAM 2.0 Menu Structure

4.4     STEAM 2.0 File Dialog Box

4.5     Market Sector Dialog Box

4.6     Market Sector Information Screen

4.7     Market Sector File Locations

4.8     Market Sector Other Changes Files

4.9     Selecting a District File

4.10     Model Parameters (Non-Fuel Highway Cost)

4.11     Improvement Cost Screen

4.12     Other Operating and Maintenance Cost Screen

4.13     Transit Service Changes

4.14     Defining Risk Analysis Ranges

4.15     Cumulative Distribution Curve for Risk Analysis Ranges

4.16     Number of Iterations for Risk Analysis

4.17     Viewing Data Check Log

4.18     Viewing Data Check Log with Error Message

4.19     Estimating Run Time

4.20     Running STEAM 2.0 Analysis

4.21     Viewing Scenario Output File

4.22     Non-Cumulative Total User Benefit Risk Analysis Results

4.23     Converting STEAM 2.0 Matrices into Origin-Destination-Value Format

4.24     Selecting a New Text Editor and Spreadsheet Applications for Viewing Scenario Results

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