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Software and Documentation

Note: This version of STEAM is not the game. It is the Surface Transportation Efficiency Analysis Model.

STEAM 2.02 is now available. Version 2.02 provides many enhancements that, though invisible to the user, will increase its efficiency and reliability compared to the original STEAM. These improvements are the result of a thorough Quality Assurance Testing process and polling of users performed by Cambridge Systematics for FHWA. Some of the enhancements and fixes that have been implemented include:

  • Fixes that permit the user to specify project capital costs in excess of $999 million as well as any discount rate
  • Fixes to the network checking function;
  • Fixes to the bus market sector output;
  • Fixes allowing re-use of travel time files (.ttf files) previously generated, and
  • Enhancements to the network skim function that greatly reduces processing time
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