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National Bridge Investment Analysis System

National Bridge Investment Analysis System (NBIAS) is a software program that performs a system level analysis of anticipated bridge investment needs and outcomes. The user can define the system as bridges in a district, a region, a state, or the entire United States (U.S.). It uses performance data currently collected by every state on bridges in the U.S. to calculate performance trends, financial needs for maintaining specified performance levels, and the outcomes of various funding scenarios. NBIAS analyzes policy assumptions for over 200 performance measures.

NBIAS receives National Bridge Inventory (NBI) data as a basic input. Every state collects and reports NBI data to the Federal Highway Administration annually. However, many agencies collect and use other data sets such as PONTIS data. PONTIS is a bridge management system owned by most states. NBIAS can receive other data sets as a .csv file.

NBIAS is available for free from FHWA. Users installed it locally from a disk that can be sent from FHWA at no charge. In addition to the free software, FHWA offers ongoing support. A free NBIAS workshop can be requested. This workshop is offered at no charge. The sample topics in the workshop include:

  • NBIAS Overview
  • Bridge Investment and Economic Analysis Overview
  • Understanding NBIAS Analysis
  • Creating Scenarios with the Analytical Module
  • Using The What-If Module to explore various outcomes

Examples of how NBIAS has been used:

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Updated: 02/26/2013