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Value Engineering

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Subject: Information: FY 2011 FHWA Value Engineering Accomplishment Report Date: July 11, 2012
From: (Original Signed by)
David Nicol Director, Office of Program Administration
In Reply Refer To: HIPA-20
To: Directors of Field Services
Federal Lands Highway Division Engineers
Director of Technical Services
Division Administrators

This memorandum is to inform you that the FY 2011 VE Accomplishment Report has been posted on FHWA's VE Program website at: The data that was collected during the annual VE Call for Data was also used to assess the progress that has been made toward achieving FHWA's VE program goals. These VE program goals are intended to monitor the performance of FHWA's efforts towards maximizing the influence VE studies have on a project's cost and performance, enhance the quality of VE programs and improve FHWA's stewardship and oversight of the VE program. The 2011 Performance Report has been posted at:

We encourage members of your staff involved with the VE program to explore and contribute information to the FHWA's Design Discipline Support Site for VE. This topic area allows your staff to ask questions, locate a technical expert or program contact, share best practices and experiences, and access and contribute information to the VE resource library.

If you have any questions on the VE Program or the FY 2011 VE Accomplishment Report, please contact Ken Leuderalbert at or 317-226-5351.

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Ken Leuderalbert
Office of Program Administration
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Updated: 07/11/2012

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