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Value Engineering

Value Engineering Program Performance Measures

The FHWA's VE program is focused on continuously improving the development and delivery of highway improvement projects. The following goals and measures were developed in FY2009 to monitor and report on the progress of FHWA's VE Program:

  • Goal 1: Maximize the influence VE studies have on a project's cost and performance;
  • Goal 2: Enhance the quality of VE programs; and
  • Goal 3: Improve FHWA's stewardship and oversight of the VE Program.

These goals reflect FHWA's priorities of continuously improving their stewardship and oversight of the VE program, enhance how VE analyses are conducted, and support State DOTs efforts to improve their VE programs. Annually FHWA collects, analyzes and reports on the progress achieved with accomplishing the VE program goals and measures. The innovative and successful practices that are identified along with the results that are compiled annually from the VE Accomplishments Report are available at:

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Updated: 07/11/2012

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