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Value Engineering

Best Practices in the Value Engineering Program

The Value Engineering Program should be thought of as more than just the collection of studies or workshops that are completed, the number of recommendations implemented, and the cost savings achieved. The program also includes well-established policies and practices that are intended to fully integrate VE into the project development process and continue to encourage innovation during the construction process. Successful VE programs train staff and raise awareness at all levels within a given transportation organization of the benefits of applying VE techniques.

Beginning with the FY 2007 VE Accomplishment Report, the States have been encouraged to identify successful practices they utilize to enhance the delivery of their VE Program and to describe a particularly successful VE analysis or recommendation that will likely benefit not only the project initially being analyzed, but future projects as well.

Summaries of the best practices identified are available at the links shown below. Further details about these and other successful VE program practices, analyses, and recommendations are also available by directly contacting the State Departments of Transportation (DOT). Other links to general information on the State DOTs are available.

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Updated: 05/10/2012

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