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2011 Award Recipients

Congratulations to all of the State DOTs and division offices whose efforts are represented in this year's EHEI selections, and thank you to all who submitted proposals for this year. We encourage you to continue to promote EHEI projects.

Category State Project
Joint EHEI/EEI Recognition Washington State Route 410 Nile Valley Landslide – Emergency Response, Reconstruction and Restoration
For initiating an innovative and effective multi-agency response to environmental, human, and infrastructure needs resulting from a natural disaster.
Joint EHEI/EEI Recognition New York New York State Route 34 over Cayuga Inlet
For incorporating stream protection, environmental improvements, and recreational opportunities into bridge reconstruction efforts over a significant trout habitat.
Education and Training Programs Washington Washington Department of Transportation Cultural Resources Training
For offering a comprehensive training that promotes awareness, preservation, and stewardship of cultural resources.
Enhancing the Environment
for Human Activities
Oregon Upper Perry Arch Bridge Rehabilitation Project
For restoring a historically significant structure that showcases the architectural design and technique of early twentieth-century engineers.
Pennsylvania Preservation of Heritage and Improvement of Quality of Life for City of Lebanon
For encouraging active and continuous public participation and quality of life efforts to preserve a local community’s rich heritage.
Encouraging Nonmotorized Transportation Florida The Flagler Memorial Bridge Project Development and Environmental (PD&E) Study Team
For promoting partnerships to support nonmotorized transportation options for Palm Beach County residents along an Intracoastal Waterway bridge.
New York Replacement of a Pedestrian Bridge over Route 33
For strengthening community linkages and pedestrian opportunities through the replacement of a pedestrian bridge over the Kensington Expressway.
Process Improvements New Mexico Increasing Tribal Participation: Streamlining the Section 106 Tribal Consultation Process in New Mexico
For developing a streamlined consultation process to review transportation projects affecting tribal lands.
Oregon Sellwood Bridge
For building public and agency consensus around improvements for a multi-modal, community-driven, and environmentally-sensitive infrastructure project.
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Updated: 6/27/2017
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