Note: This document was superseded on October, 2012.

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SAFETEA-LU Amendments

The Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users (SAFETEA-LU), enacted in on August 10, 2005, included changes in the definition of the TE activities. FHWA incorporated these amendments into the TE Guidance.

SAFETEA-LU amended the list of Eligible Activities as follows:

SAFETEA-LU Section 5204(e) added 23 U.S.C. 504(e), to allow Federal-aid funds from several funding categories for Surface Transportation Workforce Development, Training, and Education. TE funds may be used for direct educational expenses for surface transportation workforce development, training, and education, provided the activity specifically benefits eligible TE activities. Direct costs include training costs, conference and registration fees, and travel costs, but not salaries. See Transportation Enhancements Guidance Supplement - Surface Transportation Workforce Development, Training, and Education.

Updated: 06/27/2017
Updated: 6/27/2017
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