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FHWA Transportation Enhancements and FTA Transit Enhancements Compared

  FHWA Transportation
Enhancement Activities
FTA Transit Enhancement
Who distributes funds? State Department of Transportation "Designated recipient" of Urbanized Area Formula Program funding within each urbanized area, usually a local transit agency or the Metropolitan Planning Organization
What are eligible activities? List of eligible highway activities provided at the front of the guidance. List of eligible transit activities attached.
How are enhancement funds applied for? Varies. Generally, applicants submit request to State DOTs and MPOs. FTA grantee applies to FTA Regional Office, once the MPO has approved the projects in the local Transportation Improvement Program and the State and FTA have approved the projects in the State Transportation Improvement Program.
Opportunity to Influence Selection of Enhancement Project Citizen Advisory Groups or other public involvement activities. Meet with local transit authority and MPO; and express interest to MPO in opportunities (that are required) for public involvement.
What is the Federal share for activities? 80/20 generally, although individual projects may have a 100% Federal match so long as the State's overall Federal/local share is 80/20 for FY. Up to 95/5 in States with heavy Federal Lands acreage. 80/20, except for bicycle projects giving access to transit, which are 95/5.
Updated: 06/27/2017
Updated: 6/27/2017
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