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Arkansas Division

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Staff Directory

Arkansas Division
Federal Highway Administration

700 West Capitol Ave, Suite 3130
Little Rock, AR 72201
Phone: (501) 324-5625
Fax: (501) 324-6423

Staff Listing Organizational Chart
Administrative Team
Name Title Email Phone
Correa, Angel L. Division Administrator angel.correa@dot.gov 501-324-6436
Jilek, Peter A. Assistant Division Administrator pete.jilek@dot.gov 501-324-6437
Washington, Brenda F. Financial Manager brenda.washington@dot.gov 501-324-5628
Harris, Genese C. Financial Specialist genese.harris@dot.gov 501-324-5627
Steele, Danya L. PMA/Administrative Specialist danya.steele@dot.gov 501-324-6439
Vacant Administrative Program Assistant   501-324-5625
Field Operations Team
Name Title Email Phone
Bowles, Scott P. Field Operations Engineer/Team Leader scott.bowles@dot.gov 501-324-6441
Heflin, Joseph T. Safety/Traffic Operations Engineer joseph.heflin@dot.gov 501-324-6443
Caro-Rodriguez, Miguel A. Transportation and Traffic Engineer (PDP) miguel.caro-rodriguez@dot.gov 501-324-5300
Dather, Brent G. Transportation Engineer brent.dather@dot.gov 501-324-6424
Frank, Lester R. Transportation Engineer/Pavement lester.frank@dot.gov 501-324-6428
Mehta, Pritesh D. Transportation Engineer pritesh.mehta@dot.gov 501-324-5626
Planning/Air Quality Team
Name Title Email Phone
Heflin, Amy H. Planning/Air Quality/Team Leader amy.heflin@dot.gov 501-324-6435
Daniel, Terry W. Bridge Engineer terry.daniel@dot.gov 501-324-5356
Looney, Randal J. Environmental Coordinator randal.looney@dot.gov 501-324-6430
Blakeney, David T. Right of Way Officer / Civil Rights david.blakeney@dot.gov 501-324-6438
McDaniel, Valera D. Transportation Program Coordinator/Planner valera.mcdaniel@dot.gov 501-324-5326
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