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Asset Management


Pavement Management Roadmap

December 2010

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4. Title and Subtitle

Pavement Management Roadmap – Executive Summary

5. Report Date

December 2010

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7. Author(s)

Kathryn A. Zimmerman, Linda M. Pierce, James Krstulovich

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Applied Pavement Technology, Inc.
115 W. Main Street, Suite 400
Urbana, IL 61801

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U.S. Department of Transportation
Federal Highway Administration
Office of Asset Management
1200 New Jersey Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20590

13. Type of Report and Period Covered

Executive Summary

14. Sponsoring Agency Code

15. Supplementary Notes

Ms. Nastaran Saadatmand, COTM

16. Abstract

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) sponsored the development of a Pavement Management Roadmap to help identify the steps needed to address current gaps in pavement management and to establish research and development initiatives and priorities. This document presents an overview of the 10-year Pavement Management Roadmap, which can be used to guide new research, development, and technology transfer opportunities that will lead to improved approaches to pavement management.

The roadmap was intented from the beginning to be a collaborative process that would involve representatives from each of the various stakeholder groups that either use pavement management data, support the use of pavement management concepts, or provide technical assistance or training to current or future pavement management practitioners. The contents of this roadmap were derived from a series of stakeholder workshops in which representatives from state and local agencies, academia, private industry (including data collection and software vendors), FHWA, and others met to discuss and prioritize the needs of pavement management professionals. The resulting needs were organized and grouped into one of the following four themes that emerged from the process: Theme 1: Use of Existing Tools and Technology; Theme 2: Institutional and Organizational Issues; Theme 3: The Broad Role of Pavement Management; and Theme 4: New Tools, Methodologies, and Technology.

The executive summary to this report is published as a stand alone document, entitled Pavement Management Roadmap - Executive Summary (FHWA-HIF-11-014).

17. Key Words

pavement management, pavement management system, asset management, pavement performance, pavement data collection

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SI* Modern Metric Conversion Factors

Approximate conversions to SI Units
Symbol When you know Multiply by To find Symbol
in inches 25.4 millimeters mm
ft feet 0.305 meters m
yd yards 0.914 meters m
mi miles 1.61 kilometers km
in2 square inches 645.2 square millimeters mm2
ft2 square feet 0.093 square meters m2
yd2 square yard 0.836 square meters m2
ac acres 0.405 hectares ha
mi2 square miles 2.59 square kilometers km2
fl oz fluid ounces 29.57 milliliters mL
gal gallons 3.785 liters L
ft3 cubic feet 0.028 cubic meters m3
yd3 cubic yards 0.765 cubic meters m3
Note: volumes greater than 1000 L shall be shown in m3
oz ounces 28.35 grams g
lb pounds 0.454 kilograms kg
T short tons (2000 lb) 0.907 megagrams (or "metric ton") Mg (or "t")
Temperature (exact degrees)
oF Fahrenheit 5 (F-32)/9 or (F-32)/1.8 Celsius oC
fc foot-candles 10.76 lux lx
fl foot-Lamberts 3.426 candela/m2 cd/m2
Force and Pressure or Stress
lbf poundforce   4.45   newtons N
lbf/in2 poundforce per square inch 6.89 kilopascals kPa
Approximate conversions from SI Units
Symbol When you know Multiply by To find Symbol
mm millimeters 0.039 inches in
m meters 3.28 feet ft
m meters 1.09 yards yd
km kilometers 0.621 miles mi
mm2 square millimeters 0.0016 square inches in2
m2 square meters 10.764 square feet ft2
m2 square meters 1.195 square yards yd2
ha hectares 2.47 acres ac
km2 square kilometers 0.386 square miles mi2
mL milliliters 0.034 fluid ounces fl oz
L liters 0.264 gallons gal
m3 cubic meters 35.314 cubic feet ft3
m3 cubic meters 1.307 cubic yards yd3
g grams 0.035 ounces oz
kg kilograms 2.202 pounds lb
Mg (or "t") megagrams (or "metric ton") 1.103 short tons (2000 lb) T
Temperature (exact degrees)
oC Celsius 1.8C+32 Fahrenheit oF
lx lux 0.0929 foot-candles fc
cd/m2 candela/m2 0.2919 foot-Lamberts fl
Force and Pressure or Stress
N newtons 0.225 poundforce lbf
kPa kilopascals 0.145 poundforce per square inch lbf/in2
*SI is the symbol for the International System of Units. Appropriate rounding should be made to comply with Section 4 of ASTM E380. (Revised March 2003)
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