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Asset Management


Transportation Asset Management Plans

Asset Management Plan Template Example 2

Section Title Key Information Presented
  • The road network
  • Trunk road network
  • DOT overview Scotland
  • Asset management
  • Road asset management plan
  • Summary of financial plan
  • Contents of the Asset Management Plan
Aims, Objectives, Targets, and Expectations Objectives and measures
  • Terminology
  • Corporate aims
  • Corporate objectives and targets
  • Customer expectations
Road Assets Pavement and bridge inventory and conditions
  • Trunk road network
  • Roads
  • Bridges and other road structures
Asset Management Practices
  • Our asset management ethos
  • AM roles and responsibilities
  • AM and the management hierarchy
  • AM framework
  • Realizing the AM framework
Current and Future Demand
  • What is demand and why is it important?
  • Current network demand
  • Predicted future demand and impact
  • Impact on network management
Performance Management Framework Performance Gap Identification
  • Overview
  • Levels of service
  • Performance measures
  • Performance targets
  • Efficiency improvements
Risk Management Risk Management Analysis
  • Overview
  • Agency Scotland corporate risk management strategy
  • Risk management for roads
Life-Cycle Plans Life-Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Overview
  • Developing a Life-Cycle plan
  • Using a Life-Cycle plan
  • Continual challenge and improvement
  • Life-Cycle plans
Decision Support
  • Whole life cost and value
  • Value management and value engineering
  • Network analysis
Work Plan Investment strategies
  • Overview
  • Work volumes
Financial Plan Financial Plan
  • Overview
  • Financial plans
  • Asset valuation
Risks to the AMP and Their Management
  • Overview
  • AMP risk register
Monitoring, Review, and Continual Improvement
  • Monitoring
  • AM review and continual improvement
  • AMTP review and update
Asset Management Improvements
  • Background
  • Description of work packages
Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C

Based on Scotland's Trunk Roads 2007 Road Asset Management Plan Outline from the AASHTO Transportation Asset Management Guide - A Focus on Implementation

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Updated: 06/27/2017
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