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  • Transportation Asset Management Transportation agencies are responsible for maintaining our roads, bridges, tunnels, and other infrastructure assets. These agencies rely on tax dollars for funding transportation systems. Meanwhile, new construction and repair costs are increasing for our overburdened transportation system. Transportation agencies must use their tax dollars wisely to optimize service and minimize risk. Asset management is a strategic and systematic approach for managing transportation assets over their whole life. Asset management helps ensure that available funding addresses our highest priorities.
  • Michigan DOT Asset Management at Work Have you noticed a certain road being worked on - *again*? That's asset management at work. In this educational video, the Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) explains what asset management is, how it works, and how asset management principles help MDOT prioritize the transportation infrastructure maintenance and construction programs it is responsible for on a limited budget.
  • Videos Explain Asset Management - The Saskatchewan Ministry of Municipal Affairs produced a series of AM video clips
  • Rutgers National Transit Institute
  • City of Ryde - Sustainable Asset Management Video
Updated: 05/13/2014