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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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January 5
1977 Secretary of Transportation William T. Coleman, Jr., approves Federal-aid for construction of controversial I-66 from the Capital Beltway to the District of Columbia. As approved, I-66 will be a four-lane, limited access highway with Metrorail's Vienna line in its median. Heavy duty trucks will be excluded, and during peak hours, traffic in the peak direction will be limited to buses, automobiles with four occupants, emergency vehicles, and Dulles Airport traffic.
1989 Administrator Robert Farris approves a revised "Pavement Policy for Highways," which covers selecting, designing, and managing Federal-aid highway pavements in a cost-effective manner. Each State highway agency is to have a pavement management system based on concepts described in AASHTO's Guidelines on Pavement Management (1985).
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