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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 21
1931 BPR's Herbert Fairbank, Chief of the Division of Information, addresses a meeting on "Roads to Prosperity" sponsored by The Civic Forum of the Town Hall, in New York City.
"We must find the way to keep our efficient railroads . . . while we continue to build up the supplementary service of our highways, for in the years ahead we shall need them both as our Roads to Prosperity."
Herbert Fairbank
Chief, Division of Information, BPR
February 21, 1931
1939 PRA's Worth Ross is authorized to proceed to Colombia, South America, to give technical advice and help concerning highway construction. President Franklin Roosevelt approved the detail under the provisions of an Act approved May 25, 1938. Ross arrives March 7 and assists in developing projects for a national highway.
Photo: Broom drag made from local street brooms.
Broom drag in Bogata, Colombia, made from local street brooms.
2009 First Lady Michelle Obama visits DOT Headquarters, the 5th agency she visits to thank government employees for their public service. Speaking in the West Atrium, she says, "Just know that we value you, America values you, and together we can get this country moving again."
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