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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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February 25
1919 BPR Chemical Engineer Prevost Hubbard addresses ARBA's Annual Convention on "Efficiency of Bituminous Surfaces and Pavements Under Motor Truck Traffic" and Acting Director P. St. J. Wilson speaks on "Operation of BPR Under Federal Aid Road Act."
"With the mighty stimulus of a blending of public spirit and public need, we are on the threshold of the greatest road building era the world has ever known . . . The underlying principle . . . is cooperation and if we who represent the Federal Government and those who represent the State governments continue to deal with each other in accordance with that fundamental principle, I feel sure that we shall have no troubles that are not easily capable of solution."
P. St. J. Wilson
Chief Engineer and Acting Director, BPR
February 25, 1919
1925 The First Annual Convention of the Association of Highway Officials of the North Atlantic States convenes in Atlantic City, NJ. The scheduled speaker, Chief Thomas MacDonald, is unable to attend, but E. W. James, BPR's Chief, Division of Design, speaks on "Grades and Alignment of Federal Aid Highways."
"There are some matters which are subject to standardization where the greatest variety of practice now exists. Our pride should be not so much in a persistent adherence to our own ideas in such details, but rather our pride should be in promoting the science of highway engineering and placing our specialty in the engineering field on the same high plane of scientific attainment that has been reached by some other branches of the profession."
E. W. James
Chief, Division of Design, BPR
February 25, 1925
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