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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
Table of Contents - February 29 - March 1
Also in February
1925 Public Roads carries an article by BPR's A. B. Fletcher comparing highways in the U.S. and England, where he was detailed last spring. "I saw no road on my long auto journey so rough as are most of our rural roads, but I saw hardly any so smooth as the best of the roads in the United States built by the State highway departments with the Federal-Aid stimulant."
1946 The Board of Consultants on secondary road problems holds its first meeting with PRA in Washington, DC, to discuss ways of making the program effective. The Board is active through 1954. A new Board of County Engineers is appointed in 1958.
1968 National Geographic publishes an article by Robert Paul Jordan on "Our Growing Interstate Highway System."
"Americans are living in the midst of a miracle. A giant nationwide engineering project--the Interstate Highway System--is altering and circumventing geography on an unprecedented scale. Yet an individual can no more grasp the scope and magnitude of the entire project than an ant can comprehend New York City."
Robert Paul Jordan
"Our Growing Interstate Highway System." National Geographic,
February 1968
1984 The Pavement Branch under Leon Noel releases the first issue of the Pavement Newsletter. The introductory note by David K. Phillips, Director of the Office of Engineering, says the newsletter was conceived "on the premise that a great deal of information is 'out there' on pavements-information that has value to all of us . . but information that can only realize its full value if it is disseminated widely." The first issue is put together by Frank Botelho and Richard Lemieux.
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