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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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March 15
1922 Chief Thomas MacDonald is elected one of the four initial directors of the Eno Foundation, established by William Phelps Eno in 1921 to perpetuate his work in promoting safety and discipline on streets and highways.
1961 A medium-scale computer with four magnetic tape units and 8,000 characters of memory is installed in BPR's Washington Headquarters, replacing a medium-size digital computer, compatible with punch cards, installed in July 1958.
Photo: transistorized card-sorter machine
Harry Guinivan, Chief of BPR's Data Processing Branch, and Rex Brown, Clief, Operations Section, Data Processing Branch, demonstrate new transistorized card-sorter machine, the first made availible to the Federal Government.
1990 Administrator Thomas Larson is in Turkey to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Directorate of Turkish Highways, which BPR helped establish.
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