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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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April 6
1977 On the recommendation of the National Advisory Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices, FHWA approves symbol signs for the Nation's streets and highways: "Reserved Parking" (for handicapped), "Handicapped Crossing," "Fire Station," "Stop Ahead," and "Yield Ahead."
1988 President Ronald Reagan signs H.R. 4263 naming I-195 in New Jersey the "James J. Howard Interstate Highway" after the late Chairman of the House Public Works and Transportation Committee. The President says that Chairman Howard, who died March 25, is being honored for his "untiring efforts to bring this country a modern network of highway and mass transit projects."
1994 Secretary of Transportation Federico Pena transmits the report of the Scenic Byways Advisory Committee to Congress, as required by Section 1047 of ISTEA. The report contains the committee's recommendations for a National Scenic Byways Program to help motorists find the most scenic, most interesting roads in the country. The Secretary predicts that the National Scenic Byways Program will "become one of ISTEA's most popular legacies."
Image: Cover of the Scenic Byways Report
The Scenic Byways Report is issued.
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