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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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April 12
1965 Director of Planning E. H. "Ted" Holmes delivers the Sixth Rees Jeffreys Triennial Lecture at the Town Planning Institute in London, England. In "Looking 25 Years Ahead in Highway Development in the United States," Holmes says, "The highways and freeways being built today will be in use 25 years hence, and those yet to be built will not differ greatly from those we know today. Probably designed for higher speeds, certainly with more attention to aesthetics and their attractiveness both to the road user and others, major urban freeways will have special purpose lanes, perhaps for buses or trucks, perhaps reversible in peak hours, and with controls to insure that their potential capacity is more nearly approached."
"I can only urge that you observe our experience, appraise it in light of your conditions, and try not to make our mistakes."
E. H. "Ted" Holmes
Director of Planning, BPR
April 12, 1965

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