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A Look at the History of the Federal Highway Administration
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April 30
1935 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signs the Davis-Bacon Act applying prevailing wages to Federal projects. For BPR, because the States are the contracting Agency on Federal-aid projects, the act applies only to projects administered by BPR on Federal lands until the Federal-Aid Highway Act of 1956 applies the requirement to initial construction of the Interstate System (extended to other Federal-aid projects in 1968).
Japanese Prefecture Governors visit BPR. From left to right: Brevard Crihtield, Secretary, Governors' Conference (USA); Toshito Miura, Governor of Miyagi Prefecture and Co-Leader of Japanese Governor's Traveling Party; Ryotaro Azuma, Governor of Tokyo Metropolis Prefecture, President of National Governors Association (Japan), and Co-Leader with Governor Miura; Acting De ut Administrator Lowell K. Bridwell; and Chief En ineer Francis C. Turner.
1964 Acting Deputy Administrator Lowell Bridwell, Chief Engineer Frank Turner, and 8 other BPR officials explain the Federal-aid program to 11 visiting Japanese Prefecture Governors. For the occasion, the Administrator's conference room is equipped with simultaneous translation equipment. Bridwell explains that he is standing in for Administrator Rex Whitton, who had arrived in Tokyo for an IRF meeting the day the Governors left their country.
1995 Arthur E. Hamilton's promotion to Regional Federal Administrator in Region 7 (Kansas City, MO) is effective today. He becomes the first African-American to become an FHWA Regional Administrator.
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